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Welcome to All Wildlife and Rescued Exotics of Brevard!

All Wildlife and Rescued Exotics of Brevard is a no kill animal rescue shelter for all types of wildlife native to Florida and exotic pets.  We take pride in not turning away animals in need.  Please call us if you find any injured or abandoned animals anywhere in Brevard County Florida. All Wildlife and Rescued Exotics is family owned and operated by Paul and Jennifer. Our dedication comes from our desire to save God's creatures as they are precious gifts for mankind to protect and enjoy.  Animal cruelty is never tolerated and against the law you can rest assured your exotic pet or injured wildlife will be given the best care.  We also provide information to the public on any questions pertaining to injured or abandoned wildlife. We provide the second chance they may not otherwise have.  We are in serious need of supplies, donations and help!  Please let us know if you are interested in helping Florida Wildlife.  If you have found injured wildlife and need an animal shelter in between Orlando and Melbourne we will be happy to assist.  Please be aware our animal shelter is located in Cocoa FL and if the distance is an issue we will be happy to make arrangements to meet.

Types of Service

  • -24 hour animal acceptance
  • -Licensed trapper
  • -Will pick up if necessary
  • -Education
  • -We Offer solutions to help humans and animals co-habit
  • -We accept "pets"** made or bought that are wild (ie: raccoons & skunks) and give      permanent homes with us
  • **Wildlife made into pets can NOT be released into the wild. They will perish!

What to do when you come upon orphaned wildlife?

    Babies can be, as much as possible, scooped up and placed out of harms way. Always allow the mother the first chance at reuniting with her young. Baby birds can be put into a box or basket and tacked up on the tree their nest is in. Mom will tend to them (it is an old wives tale that touching guarantees mom won't feed them - she will!) This also works with squirrels. The only extra thing to do is watch for mom; if she does not go to them within a few hours, you will need to call a licensed rehabber to take them in. Baby mammals can be (with a towel or gloves) put into a semi-shallow box at the edge of the area where they were found, out of the sun, away from ant hills, and left for mom to come back. Watch for her. If she does not return within around six hours, they will need to be taken - not handled - to a licensed rehabber Do not feed wildlife (maybe pedalite or water) but nothing else - not even if you know what we use. This is Florida State Law: it is ILLEGAL to "work with," keep, raise, make better, "help," have possession of wildlife. No one is allowed to do anything except turn them over to a licensed rehabber ASAP.

    We appreciate your help.

    We are a non funded organization - one of two in Brevard County (to our knowledge). We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to care for and raise injured and orphaned Florida wildlife. We survive on donations. Please call us about how you can volunteer and help our animals with food and financial contributions.


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